of innovative products

UNA animals and more is a professional team of specialists in the field of veterinary medicine, design, marketing and technology. Our goal is to create innovative commercial animal products based on the latest trends in science, design and technology. Cooperation with us will allow you to expand the range of quality products, significantly increase profits, enter new markets and increase your share in existing ones.

We carry out the tasks of not only designing products for veterinary medicine and goods for animals, but also drawing up the technological process of manufacturing. We keep up with the times, we are aware of the latest achievements of science and fashion trends, and most importantly, we clearly know how to solve the problems of people in certain issues related to caring for animals, we solve problems that people share with specialists in veterinary medicine, dog handlers, groomers and simply discuss among themselves.

The product concept is tested in various ways. Marketing research is carried out on the usefulness of the model, its originality, market value, that is, a full-fledged business plan is drawn up. The product is tested by real potential consumers and we take into account their wishes, fix and eliminate the identified deficiencies. Materials are carefully selected that not only perfectly match the concept and characteristics of the model, but also do not pollute the environment.

We will be glad to present you ready-made products for veterinary medicine: products for postoperative care, disposable and reusable hygiene products, pet products: harnesses, couches, accessories, overalls.

All products are innovative, they use materials that do not pollute the environment, as well as biodegradable materials.

  You can also order the service of developing the product you are interested in, for example, training harnesses, decorative accessories and much more, depending on the direction of your company.
  The competitive environment dictates to follow the latest trends, and thanks to our developments, your company will significantly strengthen its position in the market and increase its value, open up new opportunities. We are happy to help you in this matter.






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