The company-developer UNA animals and more presents to your attention 2 basic models of postoperative recovery suit: Advanced recovery suit and Basic recovery suit.

Everyone knows that special attention when caring for an animal after surgery and other manipulations, the owner should pay on suture, because the animal can accidentally damage it or simply bring dirt. To prevent such unpleasant consequences, the animal wears a special recovery suit and / or Elizabethan collar.

Both models are designed taking into account the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the animal, has numerous adjustments. The Advanced model has adjustments in the form of Velcro fasteners for secure fixation and a tighter fit to the body. Basic Recovery suit has clasps - adjustments in the form of ribbons.

Both recovery suits have an insert of white cotton fabric on the abdomen to control discharge. With this insert, you can determine the nature of the selections and the place from which they appear. This insert is made of hypoallergenic natural material, different in density from the material of the product.

We recommend you to take in advance the following factors when you choosing a model of the recovery suit:

1. Location of the suture/wound to provide access to manipulations
2. When use cooling/heating compress if it necessary
3. Duration and frequency of using the recovery suits.
4. The level of activity of the animal, the place of detention