Use of recovery suits in postoperative care.

Any operation is an invasive procedure, so the impact on the body is quite serious. The postoperative period is one of the most important, and it falls on the shoulders of the owner of the animal. The veterinarian who performed the operation must necessarily instruct about all the intricacies of caring for the animal after anesthesia, tell and show how to handle the stitches and what to do in a cases of emergency situations.

When caring for an animal after surgery, the owner should pay special attention to the sutures, because the animal can accidentally damage it or simply bring in dirt.

To prevent such unpleasant consequences, the animal is put on a special post-operative recovery suit.
You cannot remove it during the period determined by the veterinarian, that is, until the stitches heal.
The recovery suit is a fabric product with Velcro or with ties, which is easy enough to put on.

With laparoscopy, there is no need to process the sutures daily to avoid infection and suppuration. If you have been assigned a sutures treatment, then for this you need to remove the recovery suit from the hind legs, carry out the procedures, and then put on the postoperative suit back. For the treatment of the sutures, you should use the drugs prescribed by the doctor.

If the incision site suddenly begins to look suspicious, or you see that the discharge has intensified and changed color, then call your veterinary clinic. UnaCare recovery suit allow a full assessment of the discharge, which allows if the healing process is normal, then the recovery suit can be removed after removing the stitches.