Stylish design, the recovery suit looks like fashionable clothes. Wide range of colors. The model is presented both in bright colors and pastel colors.

Natural materials that do not cause allergies when interacting with the skin, suture and surface of the wound. The fabric does not stretch, does not catch the wool, does not tangle it.

The model has a reliable fixation on the body of the animal, while not restraining movement. The animal leads a normal life.

Inserting white allows you to analyze the nature of the secretions.

Numerous adjustments allow you to securely fix the recovery suit on the body of the animal, depending on its physical parameters: body volume, hair length, back length.

The size grid is adapted for dogs of small and medium breeds up to 12 kg, puppies, as well as cats of all breeds and kittens.

For all occasions.

Multiple uses are possible.